How it works
Whether you're just getting started with e-commerce or an experienced online seller, we know that generating maximum excitement for your new release is super valuable - so we made launching on Erlybird a snap. and our low fees means more money for you.
1. Tell your story
It all starts with a simple question: what's special about your creation? Tell your story in your own words.
2. Offer special perks
Limited-editions, unique experiences and discounted prices work great. Adding bonus content via Digital Download is always a good idea!
3. Share it far & wide!
Build momentum for your campaign by using our handy sharing tools. Tap into your entire extended community for maximum effect!
Create a campaign in minutes.
It's easy!
1. Title, video and blurb
Start by making a great first impression with the basics. These are the best tools to get people excited about your campaign, so make 'em count!
2. The full story
Customers love seeing photos, videos and stories about how products come to life. Be sure to get specific about why people should be excited about your campaign!
3. Attach digital files (optional)
Our automatic file system lets you sell digital-only packages, or include digital files as an add-on to a physical package.
4. Set-up your packages & prices
Set each package any way you want to: digital, physical, or both. Discounted prices, limited-editions and unique experiences work great.
5. Connect your Stripe account
With one click, you'll connect your new or existing Stripe account with Erlybird and start accepting payments immediately.
6. Ready to launch!
Once we review your campaign, you'll be approved and ready to launch when you're ready. Your campaign will become live and ready to take orders!
How do I manage my orders and funds?
Your Erlybird seller's dashboard lets you view and export your orders, customers and shipping information. Your Stripe dashboard lets you view and manage payments, refunds and transfers to your bank account.
Step-by-step support from a team that cares.
Our dedicated seller relations team is standing by to provide one-on-one assistance in every step of the way. No question is too big or too small. Best of all, our support staff have all been campaign managers themselves, making them an invaluable resource as you launch your own campaign. Don't hesitate to get in touch!
Need help? let's talk.