Erlybird projects are live for 30 days before they expire.

An Erlybird launch happens at that special moment when a new product is born and is ready to be launched into the world. We think of this launch campaign as the celebration of that moment - sellers can offer better value like discounted prices, unique experiences and limited-edition items, and customers can order these awesome packages while supporting their favorite creators and entreprenuers. Win-win!

Who starts a project?

Projects are set-up directly by the sellers. We created a simple and intuitive engine that allows sellers to get their project up-and-running in no time. Once a project has been submitted and approved by Erlybird, the seller is ready to launch their 30-day campaign. Ready to start a project? Click here!

How do we handle payments and refunds?

When you place an order on Erlybird, your order and payment is sent directly to the seller for processing and fulfillment. You are buying directly from the seller, and it’s the seller’s responsibility to fulfill your order and provide customer service. A seller may refund any order at any time, fully or partially. We made it easy to get in touch with both Erlybird and individual sellers, so don’t hesitate to reach out! you can click here to contact Erlybird.

or read about receiving payments on Erlybird