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A new e-commerce platform for 30-day launch campaigns.

Erlybird is a marketplace where brand-new digital and physical products are launched by their creators through 30-day campaigns, right before they officially hit the market. It was built to enable creators and crowdfunders such as techies, musicians, designers and other creative entrepreneurs to launch their new products in a way that is exciting and effective for both the seller and their customers.

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Risk-free shopping, directly from the seller.

Different from a crowdfunding campaign, when a project launches on Erlybird, it means that the product’s design and developement has been completed by the seller, and the product is ready, or almost ready, to be shipped directly to you - the Erlybird. Sellers get access to the Seller’s Dashboard, an extensive set of tools for project management and fulfillment. Erlybird is open to customers all over the world and project creation is currently available to individuals in the USA.

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Digital Downloads galore!

In addition to the standard e-commerce shopping cart engine, Erlybird includes an advanced Digital Downloads system that enables sellers to upload digital files and attach them to any order for instant delivery. When you order a package that has a Digital Download attached to it, you receive a unique download code with your order confirmation, instantly.

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All projects are reviewed by us before launching.

Each project submitted to launch on Erlybird goes through review by an Erlybird team member and must be approved to launch. On a case-by-case basis, we might ask sellers to provide additional information to verify their identity and ability to fulfill their orders like personal and financial information, fulfillment service provider, and a sample of each package offered during the launch.

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Payments are secure and we don’t store financial information.

Security is one of the biggest considerations in everything we do. All payments on Erlybird are processed by our processing partner Stripe, a Level 1 PCI Service Provider (This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry). Other companies who chose Stripe include Facebook, Lyft, Shopify and Twitter to name a few.

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Your satisfaction is our top priority.

We know that you have an endless amount of online stores to spend your hard earned money at and we appreciate your business. If your experience on Erlybird hasn’t been perfect, then we have let you down and we want to know about it. Please use the links below to contact us and we’ll do our best to make sure you are a happy camper!